About Us

New generation house and yacht rental website awayzon.com set out with the motto: "Don't be out of pocket Hotels in the world to spend money; rent on vacation, comfortable accommodation". As a short-term accommodation platform we are offering affordable luxury villas, furnished apartments, pool houses and much more, which can be rented daily, weekly and monthly basis. Additionally we bring together hundreds of different boat and yacht alternatives for those who want to spend their holiday in the blue waters.

Together with our customer support team, we aim to offer you a unique experience with the help of a software developed with Turkish capital. We provide house and yacht rental alternatives for you to spend your holiday in the most comfortable way by opening a solid door in the tourism world. Before you plan your vacation, don't forget to meet our young and dynamic team members.

As an ICT and tourism company based in Turkey, our goal is to be the market leader in the changing environment of Turkish market conditions by the help of our customer focused structure. Besides of Turkey, we aim to be one of the top 5 companies of house rental businesses in Middle East and Europe.